FINDING BEN STONE en extras de Knocked Up

"... The two-DVD “special edition” of the film... It contains stuff that is way more funny than the movie.

The best is a lengthy feature called “Finding Ben Stone.” Apatow narrates the fruitless and searingly funny (and completely fictional) search for a lead actor to play Ben. He tries young Michael Cera (from “Arrested Development”) who erupts in plumes of volcanic ego. He tries Orlando Bloom, who refuses to lose the accent. James Franco still harbors resentments from his days on the short-lived but beloved “Freaks & Geeks.” David Krumholtz is absurdly aggressive toward Hegel. Justin Long insists on indeed creed in commercial romantic comedy. The choices get increasingly bad (including Apatow casting himself in the role). "

Cuando vi este documental me estaba muriendo de la risa, ciertamente las opciones para encontrar a su actor protagónico comienzan a ser sumamente absurdas. La mas chistosa fue la de David Krumholtz. Esta ciertamente grabando una escena junto con Heigel en la que Ben y Allison salen de una tienda después de comprar ropa para bebé. Heigel y Krumholtz estan de pie, esperando la orden de Apataw. Ciertamente cuando grita acción, David comienza a improvisar...

David Krumholtz

DK: Fucking Bitch you can't be pregnant! If you don't start growing I'm gonna be so pissed!... Abort that motherfucker!

Heigel comienza a reclamarle...

KH: Dude, I can't follow you. We just bought baby clothes and you're talking about abortion.
DK: Hey, I'm on TV too, okay? It may not be Black's Anatomy or whatever the fuck your show's called!

Todo se complica hasta que David enfurece mandandolo todo al diablo, pero no sin antes insultar por ultimo a Heigel.

DK: You have a thing up your ass... which is were I should've put it, that way you wouldn't have ended up pregnant!

Sale enfurecido.

Ciertamente el 2ndo DVD de Knocked Up 2-Disc Unrated Special Edition es una joya de la comedia que debe valorarse como es de esperarse de todo DVD adicional que vienen con las películas de Judd Apatow.

Aquí los dejo con uno de los special features del disco llamado Kuni Gone Wild.

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